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Attention, flight change information

So, Here’s something I have to share with you all that I found rather amusing.

I got an email letting me know there has been an update to my flight information….hey, that’s all great, keep me up to date and all that. How nice of them.

So I open the email and check out the times. Ok, my leaving Ottawa doesn’t look any different so move onto the next.

Hmm, I don’t see a difference either in when I return home…um, am I missing something?

So, I go slower through the email again thinking I missed something…nope, leaving Ottawa is still the same time, leave at 9:30AM and get to Detroit at 11:10AM.

Look down at the return fight closer…WTH! The time is different. They seriously waisted email for this? What’s wrong with these automatic systems these days.

Return, leave Detroit at 2:01PM and arrive in Ottawa at 3:46PM. I bet you’re thinking what’s wrong with that eh?

Original return trip…are you ready? You sure? Ok, well, here it is…

Leave Detroit at 2:00PM and arrive in Ottawa at 3:45PM What do you think of that!

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