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haunted house ghost by James J. Cudney

I’m in a holiday mood, so let’s have another halloween story shall we?

Haunted House Ghost

it is the 5th book in the Braxton Campus Mysteries written by

James J. Cudney

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Wow, what a cast of characters. This is definitely one crazy town that had me shaking my head one moment and then laughing out loud the next at the crazy ideas they come up with. Like you have murder, a haunted house, maybe, stalled relationships with speculations and twists and turns going all over the place. so much so that keeping up will make your head spin!

Kellen absolutely amuses me. One second he’s sure that a person can’t be the murder because they just don’t look like they could hurt a fly. The next second he’s like, oh wait, they could be tricking me, are they my stalker? Maybe they are haunting my house and trying to stop me from moving in. Kellen also reminds me of those scary movies at times when you know the person should not go in some dark area alone and you have the scary music playing because something bad could happen and you just know the character is going to do it anyways. Yep, that’s Kellen! Ha, he also does it more than once!

I read the audio version of this book and it was pretty good. I have plans on going back to start the series over to learn about these crazy characters. The narrator

Daniel Adam Day

has a good voice for this book, but could have been a bit better. What draws away from the story is when he tries to do the voice of any of the female characters. Sorry, no, that sadly doesn’t work very well. Some of the guy characters are ok, but I think it would have been a better read just done in a normal voice for all characters with that slight change to show the emotions of each person depending on the situation and location. Of course this didn’t stop me from reading because as I sid, Daniel Adam Day does do a good job reading and the plot was just loads of fun!

It does look like for the other books in the series that James J. Cudney has a different narrator for each book. So onward and let’s see how the others are!


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