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Wow, we made it another year!

Can you believe it? It’s July 1st already. Today makes 11 years in Canada for me. I can’t believe that I’ve lived here for that long. Where in the heck has the time gone? Alberta and one failed relationship, to BC figuring out who I am, to Ottawa where I am definitely happy and in one hell of a relationship! Wish leads to . . .

The most important part about today, my 2nd anniversary with my lesser half James

The last year had some ups and pretty scary downs, but somehow we made it another year. I think we’re getting pretty darn good at this awesome relationship stuff eh? Here’s to another year to us and many more together.

Well, that’s after I leave you now remember with loads of noodles! Ha! *chuckles*


  1. Didn’t you know dear that it’s what I got you for our anniversary? They will be delivered today, lol.

  2. You’ve taught me more about relationships than I thought anyone could. Don’t get me wrong–I still suck pretty hardcore at them, but I know a little more about what not to screw up now than I did two years ago. Thanks for everything, you little nut. And keep your damn noodles away from me. 😛

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