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What happens if you’re sick?

Did you ever stop to think about how you would take care of your guide dog if you were too sick to do so?

It wasn’t until I received my current guide Luna that I had to seriously give this some thought. From the moment I got Luna and our working bond started to build I noticed the connection that we have is much stronger than I had with previous dogs. I felt that we were more in tune with each other. I started joking around saying that Luna is without a doubt 100% my dog!

Well, his past march when that horrible sick feel like you’re dying bug was going around and it hit me like a freight train I discovered how true that statement was.

I felt horrible that I couldn’t get her out for walks, but standing for more than a minute nearly did me in. Luna absolutely refused to drink water or go anywhere at all if James tried. So I would drag myself out of bed to get her to drink water and take her outside or wait until the princess was desperate enough to go on the balcony. Luckily I didn’t have to worry she would starve because she’d eat no problem for James. I mean it’s food and a lab say no to food, never!

It was a long long couple of weeks and a month before I was completely better, but from that moment it stuck with me on what would happen if I got so sick that I couldn’t even drag myself from bed or have to stay in the hospital with a dog that’s super attached to me.


  1. In the 4 years that i’ve had Ushi, there was only one time i had to get my sister to feed Ushi. I had a horrid tummy bug and was very ill the previous night. Plus when i moved, i was sick. Ushi lay beside me for most of that day when i was up and about and once she went to her bed, i knew i was getting better. She was litterally glued to my side. I have never had to get someone to walk Ushi as Ushi is a couch potato and didn’t mind a day not working. Deffinetly raises some thoughts though. Great post 🙂

  2. the summer I got Cessna was one of the worst migraine summers I have ever had. I had planned not to allow Cessna on the bed or furniture, but I was in bed so much that summer. I worried about our bond and felt bad that she was stuck on the floor while I slept, so I let her up on the bed, she curled up behind my knees and we were best buddies. She has always really liked Huib, so I never had to worry she wouldn’t listen to him or go with him when needed, it was more the opposite.

  3. Yeah…this hit me like a brick when I was in the hospital last year. Thankfully, Tansy took it ok that Steve took care of her, but I don’t know what I would have done if she didn’t.

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