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Update on baby papaya

Whew, you’re all probably wondering what happened to the baby update last week? Well, lets just say life kept getting in the way and by the time I thought of writing a post it was too late and my brain didn’t want to think of writing something that made sense.

So, without further ado, how is the baby papaya?

We had our 22 week check up last week and all is looking good. His heart rate was an astounding 162! Can we say *hyper?*

Oh most certainly! I gave the little guy not only watermelon, but apple juice before our doctors appointment and boy was he just a rolling and jumping around in there! There was *no* you can’t hear me this visit, smiles.

Now, because the little guy was a complete hellion at the ultrasound visit on the 25th of last month and wouldn’t let the tech take good pictures guess what? Yep, we have to do it all over again! *groans* We have to do another ultrasound on the 23rd!

I really need to figure out how to keep him happy while drinking loads and loads of water. Apple juice just won’t cut it since clearly all that water I had to drink watered it down and pissed him off, lol.

For those that don’t remember or need a refresher on what happened during the ultrasound visit take a look right here

I have discovered that this little guy goes nuts over grape Fanta just like he does with apple juice and watermelon. Guess I know what I’ll be adding on the next shopping trip! Speaking of watermelon…Aunt Sharolyn, we need more! hahahah

So, at last weeks doctors appointment I weighed 176 pounds and I was sticking at that weight for a little over 2 weeks. I was like *yay* finally maybe we’ll slow down now!

Ha, *fat* chance of that. As of today I have now hit 177 and I still got over 3 months to go. Someone tell this kid that we don’t really need to live in the kitchen will ya?

Message from Baby J
Hello out there world! I am having fun rolling around and keeping mommy awake especially when she is trying to rest. I also likes playing keep still when daddy tries to find me! They says I won’t be able to do that much longer. I will prove them wrong! Just they wait!

Now I keeps sending mommy signs to buy me toys toys toys, but she says I need clothes, but what fun are those? I means who cares that I don’t have enoughs clothes? I could also just wears my diapers, right? So to all my new families and friends I says toys toys toys. If you needs to know where to sends them, just ask my mommy or daddy and they will tells you.

Ok, bye bye for now time to roll around again! This typing from inside is hard work!


  1. Google seems to think apple juice should be good. I saw a reference to filtered apple juice…is there an unfiltered kind? Of course check with the folks doing it, but maybe considering apple juice as part of your pre-ultrasound chuggathon might do the trick! *grin*

  2. May May

    It has to be clear and I can’t remember if apple juice is considered clear. If so, then I definitely will be doing that. I plan on asking them when they call to confirm appointment.

  3. Dumb question but could apple juice *count* as water? They just want liquid, right? They don’t care what kind it is? I know it’s a litre…would that be too much apple juice?

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