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Top 10 reasons why it’s great to be blind

The number 1 reason is definitely my favorite.

10 We can read in the Dark.

9 We are believed when we say, “We read Playboy for the Articles”.

8 You have an iron clad excuse when walking arm and arm with an Attractive
Member of the Opposite sex.

7 We don’t have any acrimonious discussions with our Spouse about what
color to paint the Kitchen.

6 And mostly for men, we never have to answer that Delicate Question?

“Dear, does this outfit make me look fat?”

5 During a Blackout, we can still mix a mighty good Martini.

4 We don’t have to look into the mirror in the morning and discover all
those new wrinkles which popped up overnight.

3 We don’t have to look at just one more photo of Paris Hilton or Britney

2 We play Poker with a Marked Deck.

And the NUMBER ONE greatest thing about being blind . . . .

We never have to be the Designated Driver.


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