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Time to cut back on caffeine

The world is about to come to an end for me. My bloodstream that’s really made of caffeine won’t know what to do.

Starting after the new year I have to cut back on the caffeine that makes up my blood supply. Why must I subject myself to such torture? Well, James and I plan on having a little one in the near future and I need to make some readjustments to my caffeine intake. Better to start that now instead of waiting until that day comes when we hear, “yep, you’re now pregnant.”

Our plan is by this time next here to have a baby jadan or Jadyn to spoil more than we already spoil our dogs. Can you picture James being a dad? Ha, it will definitely be amusing for me to watch!

No James we are not having triplets so get that thought out of your head now!!!

Anyways, since my time is growing close I better go find more caffeine to drink and flood my bloodstream to bursting while I can.


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  1. Nope, not tripplets. Quadruplets. And an extra just in case.

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