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Time for midterms already?

Wait! Didn’t this term, this year just start? What do you mean it’s time for test? Where did that time go?

I started classes on January 5 and this week it’s time to test what I’ve learned. I have one midterm tomorrow night, one on Thursday morning and one this weekend!

Now if the section that has to do with 4 p’s would stop escaping me, I’m ready for my one tomorrow night.

A bit nervous for Thursday morning thanks to the fact I um missed class last week due to I was doing one of those rare things for me…sleeping! maybe I’ll tell Luna to take that one for me.

The one over the weekend, it’s open book so it’s more of how fast can I find the answer to make sure I’m right before my time runs out. Happy Valentine’s Day, take a test!


  1. Smiles, that rest was only suppose to be a 1 hour nap. Sadly it turned into a 3 hour one. I only woke up thanks to some annoying snow removal truck. Then after they woke me up I cursed them for not being noisier sooner so I could make it to class, lol.

  2. Jessica Jessica

    Wishing you the best of luck on your tests, and I’m glad to hear you had the opportunity to get some well deserved rest.

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