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Strange questions guide dog handlers get asked


Now here is another great topic that just has to be a blog entry. I hope you enjoy!

How does the dog know which color of clothes to help the handler get dressed.

How does he know how to cross the street.

How the guide dog drove the car….

The ever popular is that one of those blind dogs?

If my dog could cook other cuisines?

Do I use shoe polish to keep my dog black?

Where do I rent my guide dog?

How does she help me tie my shoes?

How did I teach her to telepathically to talk to me? 3 hours ago

“Does your dog get to go home with you at night?”

“are you training him?”

“does he know any tricks?”

“do you play with him at home?

Do you get to pet him?”

“what is your dog plugged in to?”

how does my dog know colors,

if my dog know when the street lights changes color.

Does your dog tell you where to go?

Is your dog imn training? Can’t your dog just take you anywhere you want to go like to the café for example?


  1. Apparently the persons dog was sleeping near an outlet and it looked like it was coming out of him, lol.

  2. wow I’ve seen several of those…but…shoe polish? And what’s with the plugged in part?

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