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Stealing from a blind person make you feel great?

Did you need money that bad that you just had to have that laptop? Or maybe it was you just couldn’t afford to get your own so just steal one from a blind person? What the hell were you thinking? Scratch that you weren’t. just “oo look something I want, so I’ll just help myself.”

Who ever you are, black, white, blind, sighted I hope whatever you do with that laptop comes back to bite you in the ass. That you are caught and made to pay. Wishful thinking I know, but anything is possible. People like you make me absolutely sick.

Today I learned that a friend of mine had his laptop stolen from within his apartment. A secured apartment at that. Where you needs keys pretty much to go to the wash room around there. They did not steal anything else, just this laptop. What the fuck! He just moves into this place recently and is already a target of some idiot that has the brain of a flee.

To hear his account of what happened, please go listen to jerry



  1. Yes, he did file a report. Quite a few people that’s heard also believe it was an inside job. But if it was a friend the friend o1, is totally screwed in the head and 2, would have taking more than just the laptop. Other valuable stuff was sitting there too.

  2. I haven’t listened to Jerry’s thing yet, but I’m betting this was an inside job. And by inside, it was either a friend/someone Jerry knew, or someone from the apartment complex. I’m leaning more towards friend because the laptop was the only thing that was taken, so someone had to have known he had it and have seen it. I hope he’s filed a police report.

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