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Petawawa for the holiday

Let the holiday begin!

James and I made it to Petawawa today to spend the holiday with the family. What will this be like for me?

Well, it will definitely be different. It’s not my family, but I now consider them my family even though I haven’t known them long. That’s a good thing right? Hmm, well, they consider me part of the family so I guess it is. Definitely a bit nervous since I don’t know if I’ll be seeing other members of the family that I don’t know yet. *hides under the bed*

But hey, mom remembered that I love pears and she had some here for me this time. That definitely made me smile and was unexpected. Now will there be ham as well? I surely hope so, turkey, bleh!

Jim is suppose to come home tomorrow and that will be good. Haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving the last time we wre here.

Hmm, I see and talk to mom more so not sure If Jim would be ok with me calling him dad or not. *ponders* I call him that to James, but not to him yet like I do with mom, Betty. *confused, nervous* Ah well on with the fun.

Now to figure out how to lock James out of the house so that I get all the pumpkin pie and he gets none, ha!

Whatever your faith please have a safe and happy holiday.


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