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NACC continues to ignore me

Today is May 10, 2013 and as of today I have still not heard a word back from NACC on the matter of their out right discrimination against me.

Serge A. Buy the CEO Director General of National Association of Career Colleges has been the one I have been communicating with. This CEO is the one that claims they would “look” into things and “work with me on seeing how the program could be adapted for a blind person like I said it could.

But, where is Serge A. Buy hiding? I’ve sent emails asking for updates and have not heard back. A person from another organization on my behalf has also tried contacting Serge A. Buy with no response. Are they hoping that this matter will just go away and I won’t push this matter forward? Sorry, not going to happen!

What I would like to know is why hasn’t NACC tried to follow up on anything they said they would do? Why are they refusing a person with a disability the opportunity to get an education? Why in their out right discrimination are they also dragging Everest College down with them?

Everest College is now because of NACC stating that they will not enrol me in the program until my fight with NACC is complete. I believe this is a pile of crap and told them so. Everest provides the education, NACC provides the certification or whatever after I have successfully finished the program. My fight with NACC should not hinder me being successful in the program.

Everest has no reason to say no since the adaptations are already in place for me to do the program and I have the perfect placement in mind that is also in the area I wish to work when it comes time to placement time. So in my opinion right now Everest is being stupid and I told them as much. They are just too afraid of standing on their own or who knows what. They rather listen to a company who’s discriminating and they know they are than the student they’ve sat down and spoken with, made adaptations for and also agree that what NACC is doing is wrong.

What’s wrong with this picture?

If you’d like to catch up on this situation then please go here and if you have any suggestions, thoughts, comments or whatever on what I should do next please feel free to voice them.


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