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My first choir performance

OMG, last night was so totally awesome. I had my first choir performance with Shout Sister Choir. I was so extremely nervous and thought I’d totally freeze and forget the words to the songs and all that. We did one hell of a job and I can’t wait for the next one.

Noah who is the shout Sister dog even played his part. For our last song I danced with him and definitely got the audience attention. So much so that we had to sing our last song after all, ha! There is a video of this performance and as soon as I have it trust me it will end up here as well.

Are you also someone that loves to sing and looking for a group? Do you think that “hey I love to sing, but i sound horrible?” That’s ok, Shout Sister Choir welcomes everyone. Here’s one of my favorite songs from last nights performance to give you a taste of what we sound like.

[audio:Almost Home.mp3]

Pretty awesome eh? Make you want to be a part? Then quick go to Shout Sister Choir and find out where the closeest chapter is to you.

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