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Looks who’s talking now!

Now, hopefully I did this right, lol.

For those that receive this via email there are audio files in this entry so not sure if it will show you. If so, great! If not, then head over to my blog directly, smiles. You don’t want to miss this cuteness!!

Hey, look who’s giving us those great baby noises now! 2 months old and his talking away!

And if that wasn’t cute enough, then check this one out where he *demands* our attention at 6:15 this morning.


  1. for the people trying to listen to the audio files, you should be able too now. the audio player now shows up like it should.

  2. Karen Spear Karen Spear

    Hey May! So sweet and precious. Boy do I remember those days of baby chatter. ENJOY~ Miss you.

  3. May May

    Hey, yeah, I discovered that for whatever reason the files aren’t working from the website. Trying to get that fixed. Darn audio!

  4. aarg when I try to play them it says file not found. I want to hear the Jaydon noises!

  5. lol, yes he has been non-stop since he started on Saturday.

  6. Kathy Zolo Kathy Zolo

    Hello May,

    If he is talking that much now, I don’t envy you a few months down the road! He sure sounds like a cutey. Please hug him for me.

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