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LD Wren, Oh the torture!

Oh, what a cruel cruel world I find myself in! Why must I be tortured so? My human is sooooo mean! However, she would not agree!

Do you know she is making me where this horrible hoooooooorrrrrrriiiiible gentle leader thing that I sooooooo hate! My human claims it’s to prevent me from having to get in trouble every time someone herre at work keeps talking to me or I get distracted by all the fun dogs around here. Lesser of 2 evils she calls it.

HMPH!! I say to that! Make her take this thing off of me, now now now! I’ll be good I proooooooomise!

Sighs, and if that wasn’t bad enough I have to practicly starve some days now. My human says that part isn’t her fault that her job has her schedule that way, but why must they keep moving my dinner time now? Don’t they know I’m a lab and I must eat eat eat when my tummy says it’s dinner time? Like really, such torture I must go through!

Then, then, she keeps telling me we’re moving soon! Honestly, can’t we be still already? I just found perfectly good spots that I claim for myself when I go outside. Now I’ll have to start all over! It’s bad enough that it snows and then disappears and snows again then disappears again and makes me have to look for good spots again while I try and snort the snow up my nose. Someone keeps spoiling my fun!

Ok, ok, ok, I’ll stop whining now! It’s just going to be a long long month and if I can’t complain sometimes to friends, then who can I whine at? hmmmmmmmmm?

By the way, you should all get after my human and tell her to update you on how we’re doing since it’s waaaaaaay past our 30 days. The slacker!

In fact, we’re about to come up to 60 days together after we left Leader. How about them apples!!


  1. May and Wren May and Wren

    Yes, we need a 3 bedroom so that way now both boys have their own room.

  2. Annie Annie

    LOL. Moving again? So soon? Good luck:).

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