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LD Training2 The Comical Christmas Class

Wow, what a day! I don’t remember it being so long before. I think they added hours or activities or something!

So, first before I go on about the Christmas class I’m in I want to mention about the story I heard regarding Juno walks.

Sadly the person mis-spoke and what they said was not true. We were told that Juno would be with actual dogs and not a person holding the handle. Too bad because I would have loved it. Maybe one day Leader maybe consider changing to that method?

So, nothing new in regards to juno walks. We’re still pulled along by strange instructors that play Juno.

With that being said, hahaha, my Juno loves pennies and picking up stray tennis balls! How, oh how do I keep getting these amusing Juno’s? Last time I had one that ran into walls and picked up beer cans!

For those that are wondering, my trainer this round is with Linda Fisher and she’s totally awesome! I did warn her about working with me and that I was trouble. But, seems someone beat me to it and warned her about me first. Hmm, should I be scared? Ha, wonder if they pointed her to my blog entries before.

So, this Christmas class is rather comical. Just like my last class everone seems to have hit it off right from the bat. There doesn’t seem to be a non-teasing one amung us. I will definitely be putting up some videos of this group when activities allow. For example, one person has already been warned that the first time it snows I’m grabbing a video of her in it since where she’s from there is no snow! The poor thing! She must have something to always remember her first dog time, right/ Nothing like a roll in the snow caught on video to do the trick? She claims this class will drive her to drinking. Well, our first drinking party is on Saturday so lets see if that prediction comes true!

We also apparently have some dancers and musicians in this group, so hopefully I can catch that craziness too.

I definitely will be putting up a video of my dog day just like last time. So for any new puppy raisers that are now reading my blog entries, be prepared!

Bad bad me also claimed that one client is getting a chihuahua for his first dog and to his dismay other clients, trainers and volunteers started agreeing with that prediction! Think they better fix his harness and leash before tomorrow afternoon!

Yes, with loud ***groans*** from all of the guide dog users we were sad to hear that we must wait until after lunch before getting our furry friends! Oh, the torture!

I’m thinking by the hints Linda gave that a golden is not in my future. So sorry Jaydon, mommy doesn’t seem to be getting a Sammy! It’s going to be a female with attitude! Of course anything can change before that long long time of after lunch, but at the moment, goldens are out of the running!

The youngest in this group is in their 20’s and the oldest is in their 70’s. What a range eh? There are 20 of us in all this week. 14 for guide dogs and 6 for mobility. The client that couldn’t make it yesterday due to mother nature being rude did make it in today. Her welcoming party was a fire drill! Welcome to Leader, now please stand out in the cold! Fire drills in 35 degrees! Where’s the camp fire?

Time to try for sleep. I ahve my play clothes picked out for tomorrow and the non-liver flavored Charley Bears ready for my puppy with attitude! I will win my puppy over from Linda with the much better flavored tasting ones! So, tune in tomorrow for the Christmas Puppy Dog issue part of the program!

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