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Lacey’s first vet visit

Whew, things have finally settled down around here and we got Lacey into her first vet visit. Things went much better than we thought they would.

Such an awesome girl she’s turning out to be…every now and then!

The vet was able to tell us that Lacey is a lab border collie and is black and white. Her age was still undetermined so we just decided that she now looks about a year and a half and not a year and a half back in October that the SPCA told us when we got her.

Lacey has done a lot of growing up since we got her in October, but *whew* there’s still lots more growing to go. She is 58 pounds which is definitely better than what she was when we received her. The poor dog. We could count all of her ribs a ffew months ago.

Nothing like getting good consistant food everyday eh?

The best news of all is that she has not had one accident in the house since we moved into our house at the end of January. Unlike when we were in Greenbank Towers apartments where she went inside too damn often.

Maybe that was her way to say she just hated the place?

Now if I could just get her to quit going after Noah’s face thins would be great. She fits our family very well so far and I’d hate to have to give her up because she can’t learn to play with Noah.

Oh yes and someone tell Lacey to stay in the darn backyard, sheesh!


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