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It’s getting cramped in here!

Hellos everyone. It’s me Jaydon!

I is a growing boy. It’s pretty small in here and I needs more room! Is it time for me to gets out of here yet?

poke poke poke! Jab jab jab!

Gosh moving arounds is lots of work Ooops, sorry mommy, no mean to makes you say ow!

stretches stretches, kick kick, tap tap tap!

Hey, daddy turn that backs on! I was dancing to that! He turns off the musics, bad daddy bad. kick kick kick!

Haven’t my mommy and daddy figures out that I loves hearing the musics? I doesn’t know how to make them understands me any clearer!

Where’s did the musics go? They just wait until I gets out of here!

Hey mommy, stops feeding me eggs, I no likes them! i keeps telling you that, but you keeps making me eats them, why?

oofs, has those hiccup things again. Sends me down a drink! jab jab jab, stretch, stretch, poke poke poke!


  1. Lily Lily

    Awww, I’m sorry Little one, your mommy likes them a lot, can’t you eat them for her? What if she gives you grape soda, or apple juice? Would that be a good compremise? You might like them once you come out and get older.

  2. Jaydon Jaydon

    buts buts but, aunt Lily I no likes them! I don’t wants them! What’s a baby gots to do to be listened to around here?

  3. Lily Lily

    Jaydon, this is your aunt Lily. You just hang in there ok? Not too much longer. You try and be good for your mommy. We’ll see if we can’t get the music to stay on…eggs are good for you, they got lots of protein, they’ll help you grow bigger, not so good for your mommy I don’t think while you’re in there but just trust me, eggs are good. Try not to hurt your mom too much while moving around in there ok?

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