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Ignoring a child

So I’m curious, when should a child be ignored? When they are throwing a tantrum? When they are demanding to go outside in -30 degree weather? When they are being loud and totally distorting your peace and quiet? Hey, how about when they are asking you a serious question, but it’s a question you don’t like?

Well, I was witness to the last question the other evening. A little girl asked her grandmother a question, but it was a question her grandmother apparently does not like so she just outright ignored her.

What was the question you ask? Well, it was, “when can I go visit my mommy?”

Simple question eh? Sorry, not if you’re this grandmother, because she doesn’t want this little one to do that you see. But why is the question and that is something there is no answer to.

Grandma decided after the little one asked the third time to tell her, “that’s enough.” I’m guessing that means, stop asking me that I’m not going to answer.

Things that make you go hmm.


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  1. Sounds to me like grannie’s got her own little attachment disorder going on? I mean that’s just a guess and I’m by no means a psychologist but y’know, if the shoe fits…

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