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Holiday with the Homuth’s

Snow snow snow, there’s snow everywhere!!

To start off this great family time I had a snow fight with James and he lost, *smiles* He kept threatning to throw me into the snow bank, yeah right, never happened. He’s just a sore loser, ha!

My first Christmas with James and family and I heard this quite often, “James, that’s it you have to get rid of her.”

*csmiles* That was dad everytime he found out that once again I like something that he does, deviled eggs, corn, bacon and lets not forget his leather jacket that I said I’m going to run off with. I mean how can I not feel loved after all that, eh?

If that wasn’t bad enough dad said I must go back South when he heard that I stopped celebrating Christmas.

*sniffs* What’s a girl to do?

*chuckles* Christmas Eve Kevin stayed over with his dog Dexter and slept down in the basement. he was sleeping quite peacefully down there on Christmas morning, that is until everyone started waking up.

We did the usual routine feed and let the dogs out to run around in the snow and burn off some energy and then come back in and tear the house apart, lol.

Well, at some point Noah went downstairs to investigate which is where Kevin was sleping remember.

Hey Kevin, did we forget to tell you that sleeping is not allowed around Noah? *smiles*

Noah nicely wakes up Kevin by plopping his big head on top of him. “happy morning Kevin!”

I got to meet more of the family that I missed last time we were here since I was sick then, and guess what? i wasn’t even nervous this time. Funny thing is, James forgot that he actually didn’t introduce me to one of his aunts and uncles before, tsk tsk, *smiles* I think he’s getting old and forgetful. Should stop all that drinking.

Whew, never been around so much cigarette smoke though in my life. My poor head.

We all had to pile into the car to go on these visits, and damn I’m glad to say for once that it’s a good thing I’m tiny. Kevin, James and I had to squeesh into the backseat and it definitely was a tight fit, *smiles* But, but that wasn’t the worse part. No no, dad had to go and let out the smelliest fart right as he got into the car. *gags* Whew, that smell stayed in for at least 5 minutes. Where’s the gas mask, the air freshener!

I think dad’s is even worse than Kahlan’s grandpa’s, whew!

Now for the gifts. I was still a bit uncomfortable since I don’t know the family that well and didn’t get anyone anything, but also my first Christmas thing so yeah. But I know for next year, ha!

Anyways, I got a very beautiful bracelet from James that just like the necklace I won’t take off unless I have too. A jewlery box that I absolutely love and can stick a picture in. As soon as I find Kahlan’s picture I’m going to put it there, some house shoes that looked very warm, but sadly need to get a bigger size and James and I got a Starbucks gift card, yay! That was a good thing since the money on my card just ran out, ha.

Now this trip is coming to an end. We are off for home tomorrow, but the best thing of all is we get to sign and view our dream house, *jumps for joy*

This has been the best holiday ever. I love you James and the rest of the Homuth family!



  1. Cat Cat

    It was a great Christmas. Next year though I will have to find some way to tie James up, lock him outside or something. He stole all the pie.

  2. Cat Cat

    Yeah, he’s all talk. Never threw me in anything.

    It will be hard for you to help us with this move. All the stairs in the place and all that. You’ll definitely have to come see it though at some point.

  3. Yeah yeah that snow bank… right. Glad you guys had an awesome time! Happy New Year also! If I can assist once you’ve moved, let me know! 🙂

  4. Glad to hear you guys had such an awesome sounding Christmas.

    Happy New Year.

  5. The rest of the family loves you too, princess. And yeah–I suppose that includes me. Now about that snow bank…

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