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Hey, where did that month go?

Oops I blinked and a month completely flew by. Where did it go?

Can you believe that Luna Moon and I have been home one month already? No, well, neither can I!

It’s been a very busy month since we got home on October 9th.

settle into our real life routine
school school and more school
first small choir show
take off to Toronto
convince Luna that daylight savings is the enemy when it comes to meal time
make adoption plans
figure out if we have to move
try and keep daughter from spending all my money
find time to go to Starbucks
chase down people at Algonquin College

And and and, did I forget something? *whew* I need a vacation just to catch up with life. Someone please tel it to *slow* down!

It’s definitely starting to get cold here and that horrible snow is on the way. I can’t wait to see what Luna does when it’s sadly here to stay.

So, we had a bit of a scare when it came to a traffic check while we were in Toron to which made my little pocket rocket a little uneasy. To get her back to at least comfortable I kept her away from Carleton University this past week as well just to keep the stress down. I’m happy to say that just doing a little work that doesn’t make her yell at me she’s doing ok as for speed. I still need to work on reminding her to stop at curbs and not fly across the street or help her feel comfortable in crossing if cars happen to be near by. Will have to see what this week brings. Another busy week coming up.

Hey I wonder if this entry will count as my 30 day check in for Leader?

So until next time, later from Luna and I!

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