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Greenbank Towers Apartments, lets tell you what they won’t

Looking for that new place to call home? If you live in Ottawa Ontario or thinking about moving here, then I advise you to not move to Greenbank Towers because it’s not what it seems.

A nice secured building
Oops, wait that only applies if they remember to close the front doors or lets not mention tell you about major updating to the buzzer system and all hell breaks loose.

Those cameras that they have around the building in case something goes wrong I guess are great if you don’t find yourself actually needing them. If you have someone constantly harassing you in ways you are not comfortable with, do you think they are going to do it where a camera can catch them? No way, so then it becomes your word against theirs. Oh the shame of it all!

Nice friendly staff that care about their tenants. now who wouldn’t love that?
Oh, that last only until you’ve moved in and you need to fix something right away.
They are only nice until you start complaining about other tenants keeping you awake at 3 in the morning by hammering, playing video games or loud music at top volume or there’s a poor dog barking constantly for hours and hours and for weeks and weeks.
That only last until they make a mistake and you try and call them on it. Take a look at this post right over here and learn about that.
See the staff at Greenbank Towers Apartments aren’t allowed to be nice to the tenants in the building or they get called into the office and told to cut that out.

Oh look the building is so clean and well taken care of. That’s awesome isn’t it?
Well, we thought so too until it was time to move into a place and the apartment looked like the worlds biggest trash dump on the day we moved in. Better have your own cleaning crew handy. The elevators always smell like, well, I don’t want to go there. i just advise getting nose plugs or something if you insist on staying.

Speaking of the elevators lets talk about those for a moment ok?
I really hope you aren’t afraid of getting stuck in closed areas because those things do get stuck and way too often. It does no good to report it because they won’t do anything about it either since they claim they are “new” elevators. Be safe take the stairs if you must, but I wouldn’t want to always climb up and down them if I stay on the 18th floor, *whew* Oh yes there are 3 of them, but you would never know it. Damn things are slower than a turtle and when the stupid fire alarm goes off, ha, could take you forever to get back to your floor.

Now onto that lovely fire alarm
I hope you don’t like sleep or have kids. if so you can kiss sleep good bye a great deal of the time. Those alarms go off at all hours, 10 pm, midnight, 3 AM, you name it and it’s always a false alarm. For reasons like the sprinkler system in the basement set it off or the fire alarm panel went wonky or hell, just because it felt like messing up your sleep when it’s freezing cold outside. Even the fire fighters just shake their heads whenever they have to show up these days.

Staying on the topic of fires and your safety or your kids or animals. Hell even for your apartment that you’re paying all that money for. If they tell you that throwing lit smokes off the patio will get the person in some kind of trouble. sorry, they lie. All they will say is oh well and shrug and do nothing.
See one day we found out that the person above us was doing just that and they actually burned a hole in a piece of our furniture. What would have happened if a fire would have started out their on the patio? What if one of us would have been seriously hurt? Do you think the staff at Greenbank Towers cared? Of course not!

Is this the place you really want to put money into? Where you and your families safety could be at risk? No no no, please don’t move here. Find somewhere safer and where the staff care about their tenants and making things right if something goes wrong. Put your life and those of your pets and loved family members in the hands of anyone but Greenbank Towers who is managed by Paramount Properties.

Take my word for it. i lived in Greenbank Towers and have seen the real deal. Greenbank Towers may look nice and you may love all the pretty words they tell you, but that only last until you are a tenant!



  1. Mariah Mariah

    I find this article to be untrue. I have lived in Greenbank for over a year now and it has been my best rental experience so far. My apartment was very clean and welcoming upon move in. Management is very helpful and there have been many renovations and upgrades done just this year. Fire alarms are also very rare.

  2. Amanda P Amanda P

    I have to say i disagree with this post.

    I lived in Greenbak towers for 3 years, and sincerely enjoyed where I live.

    I think a lot of people forget that you get what you pay for. That being said, even with a reasonable rental rate- I never felt unsafe and always had a qucik response time when talking to the superintendents/maintenance staff. it has been 4 years since I have lived there- so maybe things have changed but I always found it to be a pleasant building.

  3. Alex Robinson Alex Robinson

    I totally disagree with the blog post. I came across this post when I was researching properties to rent in Ottawa before I moved here. I decided to go with Paramount and haven’t regretted it. Great customer service, clean units and helpful management.

  4. Bradly Bradly

    I have to say I agree with the above post. I have lived in over five different apartment buildings in Ottawa and throughout the five different ones my experience has been very similar. Unless you want to be paying a lot more money to live in a brand new condo downtown you will notice that the market across the board is the same!

  5. Andrea Andrea

    I have lived in several apartments throughout Ottawa, including buildings by Osgoode and Sleepwell, and my experience has been similar across the board. The standard in Ottawa is relatively low and does not differentiate very much between buildings or property management. These issues are typical for apartment living in Ottawa no matter the building.

  6. Angel Angel

    I have been living here for 4 years. It is the worst apartment building I have lived in.

    For the price you pay in rent, everything is outdated. Old baseboard heaters is crazy expensive in the winter. All my electrical outlets are so loose, that none of my plugs stay in. There always hanging halfway out, which is dangerous.

    I have received 2 rent reduction papers, but paramount always fights it and my rent has never been reduced. Every year my rent increases by at least $20. They charge too much for rent, plus the hydro isn’t included.

    We have gone through at least 7 property managers since i have moved in. You never know who will be in the office next. All property managers have been rude and arrogant. Not friendly at all.

    It is poorly insulated and the windows/balcony door is so old, that there is ice on the inside of my windows during the winter. Sometimes black mold are on the wood, near my window.

    I would never recommend this apartment to anybody. Charge too much for rent and parking. Somehow the amount I pay for parking increases too..

    Worst place to live.

  7. Kristi Kristi

    Get your staff in that building in line. They all think they are better then everyone who lives there. My boyfriend had come over one morning, and I went downstairs to the front door to get him. Is it too hard for you maintenance guy to get the hell out of my guests way so they can come through the door? Obviously it is because he saw my bf trying to come in but he just kept on vacuuming.

    Tawnya was the worst person in the office. She is down right rude thinking shes better. Everytime I talk to her its just attitude. You guys really need to re evaluate who your hire. People shouldnt be treated like sh** in their own building.

  8. Liz Liz

    stuck up staff. rude , very very rude

  9. John John

    I have had all the same issues living there plus more. The building manager is horribly unprofessional and never tells the truth. I went in to the office to speak to her one day about using the loading dock and she freaked out on me about not having brought down a cheque for rent yet meanwhile my rent is direct withdrawal from my account and it wasn’t the first of the month yet. I never told her i didnt have money for rent, in fact, after this accusation I directly told her I DO have money for rent. The next day I found out from a relative that she called one of my family members asking for money. I did not give her permission to do this and she lied to my family member. My family member no longer speaks to me because of this. I advise everyone not to move into greenbank towers

  10. Paramount Properties Management Paramount Properties Management

    Dear Valued Customer,

    First, on behalf of Paramount Properties Management, I would like to thank you for taking the time to write a review about our company. Our customers are the most important part of our business, so we’re always grateful for feedback that can help us improve the overall experience we can offer.

    We were very disappointed to hear that you had a negative experience at one of our buildings. Although you no longer live there, we would like you to know that we have addressed the issues you raised directly with the onsite managers at this particular building so to ensure that no other tenant of ours – current or future – will encounter these issues again. Once again, we thank you for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback.

    Moreover, we were deeply concerned upon hearing of your experience with us because we are committed to putting our customers first. For decades, we have prided ourselves in our ability to offer outstanding customer service – anywhere from offering onsite building management at all our buildings, to 24hr onsite emergency management services. These are just two examples that set us apart and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We believe it is this unsurpassed dedication to customers that has helped to set us apart from our competition, making us one of the top property management companies in Ottawa, with over 7000 apartments across the city.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write about your experience with us. We hope to see you in one of our buildings again someday!

    Jasmine (on behalf of Paramount Property Management)

  11. Cat Cat

    hahahahah, thanks for that. Should be fixed now.

    That’s what I get for not reading it again before posting, lol.

    Yes, it definitely was quite the place. What I think of our dream house will come up in a future post.


  12. Sounds like quite the place. Glad you guys got out and into your new, hopefully awesome house.

    By the way, I believe the word you’re looking for is tenants.

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