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funny guide dog stories

Hey there everyone. This thread was started on a group that I’m on and I got permission to also share some of their stories here. So I hope you enjoy them as much as others are. No worries, some of my stories are in here as well. If you have some you wish to share by all means jump right in!

For the privacy of people I am only posting their first name with their stories. Enjoy! I will add more to this as I hear more so make sure to check the comments section so you don’t miss any. *smiles*

I’m in a choir called Shout Sister Choir. So one night we were doing a show and sometimes my lovely Noah sits between my feet and sometimes he lays down, either is fine with me since he’s a good boy. We had this one song called ‘Lay Down” hahahha, the first few lines of the song are of course “lay down” So before we started the song my Noah was sitting up and nice and proud in his black shirt and we began to sing, *snickers* “lay down, lay down, lay it all down” You guessed it, the command lay down and over 100 people singing it Noah let out a loud groan as to say “alright already, I’ll lay down” and he plopped on the ground. Talk about funny. All of us had a hard time trying not to laugh and sing at the same time. From that moment forward we couldn’t sing that song without laughing at Noah first.

May story 2:
Ok, here’s another Noah story. This one happened when we were actually still in training. We were walking down a busy downtown street, loads of people, tables, chairs and all those lovely obstacles that jump out at you in downtown areas *chuckles* Noah and I get about halfway down the sidewalk when he slams on the breaks. I put my foot out to see what’s up and see nothing, hold my hand out, nothing. Reach down check my dog and he’s looking off to the side. I’m now like completely puzzled and tell him to hup hup. Noah says nope, not moving. He then shakes himself and then looks back off to the side..not happy with whatever it is and shakes himself again even harder, then looks back off to the side. By this time my instructor has reached me and is laughing his head off and tells me what Noah is looking at. We came across a store front that had a window that reflected your reflection back at you like a mirror. I couldn’t help but to laugh and during this Noah gives one last big shake, looks off to the side and is finally happy with his appearance and off we go, bouncing down the street as nothing is wrong, lol. After that day he earned the name Prince Noah!

Janey is my first Seeing Eye dog. I was going to take a taxi a short ways because the place I needed was too far off the bus line to walk. The cab pulled up, and I told Janey inside, thinking she would put her nose to the door like in training. I heard a loud thud and felt the harness rise into the air, so I reached up to find her hanging half way through the cab’s opened window.

Eve and I have been together since February. I have volumes I can write on her! this past Sunday, I led the children at church in a song. I usually don’t help with the music, but they needed some help that day. So, as I was leaving the music, all the little girls in my class were laughing. I couldn’t figure out what they were laughing at. I kept giving them the luck, but they kept giggling. Afterwords, I sat down by them and ask them what was so funny. They said that Eve saw a large and on the floor. She kept watching it, then she placed her paw on top of it. The and started crawling away from under her paw. Eve kept watching the aunt and she placed her paw back on top of it. Again, the aunt crawled away from under her paw. This kept happening until it got out of her reach. No wonder none of the kids were singing! Eve was entertaining them!

K story 2:
This is a story about my first guide dog named Riley. My husband and I were walking down an aisle at the grocery store. My husband was looking at the shelves to the right, never really noticing what was happening on our left. Suddenly, there was a small shriek and a woman was sprawled on the floor in front of us. Apparently, she had been bent over looking at something on the bottom shelf. Well, Riley reacted as dogs do and since there was a butt right in his face, he decided to sniff it. He totally goosed her


  1. Donna:
    I still think one of the funniest things that ever happened to me was when I
    was in DFW Airport and I asked one of the ladies standing around where the
    ladies room was. She got down and whispered in Torrey’s ear and stood up and
    said, “I told him where to go.”

    I walked on down the hallway and sure enough, Torrey took me to the ladies
    bathroom and stopped at the door. I couldn’t believe it. The lady who
    whispered in his ear had followed me and she clapped her hands and was so
    excited about how smart the doggie was. What a trip!

  2. Frank:
    I have a food story for you. My second dog his name was Dillon, and he was a black lab from Guide Dogs of the desert. I was walking with my girlfriend one day out at the mall, when all of a sudden he dove right in front of me and snatched up a hotdog bun before I could react! Needless to say he did eat the hotdog bun before I could correct him. I told them to enjoy it because that was the last time he was going to eat a hotdog bun from literally right under my feet! Some some months later we were walking not of the same all the different mall, when all of a sudden he dove in front of me again but this time I was ready. I dropped the harness and snatched up the leash before you could get the bun. His front paws were hanging up in the air and I said gotcha! After that he did not attempt another hotdog bun snatch from under my feet. He learned his lesson!

    Okay my turn…..My dog that I have now loves his bone so so so so much, I did not realize how much he loves his bone. One day I took him out to busy him and he will NOT go. I bring him back in side and Michael *hubby* tells me to look at what he has in his mouth……..Yep you guessed it right, he had his bone in his mouth. Yesterday I took him out to busy him before we left to go somewhere as a family he went for me. But this time he went with something in his mouth…….Yes, he had his bone in his mouth!!!

    May story 3:
    Ok, time to go back a bit and lets change dogs. This dog had to do with my first dog Ian. Ian came from The Seeine Eye and at the end of our training they took us newbies out to a graduation dinner. The instructors has us walk through the restaurant one at a time so they ould help us with our dogs if they looked like they would get distracted or wanted to go for food. Everyone did great, no problems…until you got to Ian and I. My instructor taps me on the shoulder so we can make our way through all the lovely tables and great smelling food. All is going well I think and apparently so does my instructor. But wait…the next think we hear is, “honey, where did my roll go?” and then we hear a lady trying really hard not to laugh, but failing miserably. The lady says between snorts of laughter in a loud voice, “i hope you didn’t want that roll dear, that ladies cute dog took it!” *groans* Ian didn’t really do that did he/ 8sighs* I reached down and sure enough, he had the roll sticking out of his mouth holding it up proudly. How my instructor and I missed the great dinner roll thief we never figured out!

  3. Dawn:
    My summer break was coming to an end, so I was taking the metra, and then the greyhound bus back to college. While I was riding on the train my shepherd was minding his manners and lying very quietly at my feet. Two people sat behind me, and were both rather loud, and irritating. One person kept kicking the back of the seat near the place my sweet boy was sleeping. Finally, one kick was a little too close for comfort, so Latimer opened his eyes, and started moving towards them from under the seat. The girl shreeked as loud as she could, jumped over her seatback, and ran into another car! lol. Her companion seemed to be glued to his seat. The conductor rushed over and said what is going on around here, and the guy behind me said… that lady has a wolf under her seat! The poor conductor was so confused… he said, wolf? That’s just a german shepherd. The boy in the seat behind me swore up and down it was a wolf, because they both saw a set of bright golden eyes, and big pointed ears. What else could it be if nota wolf? AT this point I couldnt restraint myself anymore, and allowed Latimer to stand up. After he realized that my boy really was a shepherd, I’m sure he felt very embarrassed for peeing his pants. hahahah!

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