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fall courses at Carleton

*whew* my fall will be a busy one. I picked a couple of courses that hold interest for me hoping that it wouldn’t be too heavy to do with the fact that I also will be away for the month of September getting my new furry pal. What’s great about Carleton University is the fact you can pick courses that have a video component, meaning I can watch the class later. So for the fall I’m definitely going to have to pull out that self discipline and make sure I don’t blow off my school work. Loads of procrastination opportunities here.

So, on to what I have for courses.

My first course is Mystery of the Mind how we learn and how thinking is rational are some of the topics.

Now, I definitely am looking forward to this course for several reasons and the first one being…8understanding my own mind* There’s too many of me in my own head and rational thought is definitely a chore at times. The second important reason is that one of the topics discusses learning disabilities and how Cognitive Science can help me through school. *definitely* a good thing because school is a challenge for me and I’m finding that the Universituy level is even more so.

One of the challenges already with this course has to do with a reading assignment. I have to find accessible versions of some selected books and the only ones I’m finding that I can look at on the computer are for Ibooks…*sighs* not the most accessible. Headache inducing and I’ll probably have to drink a lot after fighting with it.

My second course is Social Work and Social Welfare and the reason I picked this course is more in line with hopefully it will be of use in the field I’m hoping to one day get to, working with children with disabilities. This one I believe will be my toughest course. It’s a little heavier than I would have liked, but it’s also the only one that caught my interest, can help me in the long run and has the video component.

September will bring on loads of work with juggling training with new dog and school work, but I never sleep anyways so it’s all good. In a couple of weeks the fun begins!


  1. I got lucky with that one, lol Considering that for a majority of the class my head was all about new puppy.

    The class was also small so the instructor had time for one on one and working with me. These courses have over 600 students at the minimum. A little more terrifying.

  2. james james

    Hey you. Yeah, you. You’ll do just as well with these courses as you just finished doing, and we both know it. *hugs*

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