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Everest College did not give its all

Wow, it’s been a long long time since I updated my blog. So lets start up again and I’ll try my best to keep everyone up to date after this, *smiles*

Lets start with my lovely school journey. Everyone knows that this summer I have been fighting hard to get into Everest College for the Early Childcare Assistant, (ECA) program and I had fight after fight with people from National Association of Career Colleges

If you don’t remember how this all started, then please go back to the beginning and have a refresher.

Well, everything looked like it was going well, fine great, super I’ll get to start this fall. I was so excited! Finally I can start on the path of the career I’ve been wanting for years.

*growls in frustration*

Here it is September and I am not and will not be attending Everest College because they weren’t accommodating, they didn’t try like they claim they were doing, they waited until 2, count them, 2 days before class was to start to finally tell me, “sorry wee just couldn’t find you any placements. We call 122 different places and they all said no.” I’m sorry I call bull shit on that one! I fed them a placement that would be great for me and they claimed they called them everyday and left tuns of messages. Again I call bull shit. My contact people never heard a word after the initial first call from Everest. Everest told me that the place I recommended also doesn’t do infant and toddler, for the third time, sorry, bull shit!

I waisted months and months dealing with this mess and I’m extremely disappointed in Everest College. They did not put all their effort into getting me into the program. I’m sorry to say that I would not recommend Everest College to a person with a visual disability to attend this college.

Luckily with my contacts that I have from Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre all is not lost with the world. I will actually be returning back to Algonquin College in January for their Early Childhood Education program. That place that Everest says that doesn’t have infant and toddler placement or that they couldn’t reach, yeah, they will be my placements with Algonquin College.

So this time finally I can really say I’m on my way and this time from the looks of things it should go much better with Algonquin than it has in the past due to changes. So onward and upwards I go!


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