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Disclosure by Lisa Jackson

Slade McCafferty was a bachelor through and through—too busy raising hell to settle down. Case in point: fifteen years ago daredevil Slade had taken wild child Jamie Parsons’s innocence, and then had broken her heart. But Jamie is back in town, a lawyer, all confidence and polished professionalism. And seeing her again is setting off a tidal wave of emotions Slade thought he’d dammed up ages ago. Back then, as now, there’d been something about Jamie that made Slade ache for more. A hell of a lot more…

This is the first book that disappointed me by Lisa Jackson

In the beginning it started out catching my attention, but in the end it just fell flat. I love a book that leaves you wanting more, but not when it just drops you off a cliff with no warning that it’s coming. Just bam, sorry that’s the end. Please come again.

Ah well, lets see if I can find more of the story at the bottom of this cliff.

While I’m doing that you as my awesome readers if any are out there can tell me about the books you like or not right over here Look forward to hearing from you.

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