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Dennys gets a strange complaint

One of the strangest complaints I’ve ever heard.

James and I went to our second home Dennys on Thursday afternoon for lunch and near the end of our meal James was saying that he never has anything to mock whenever we go to Dennys. There’s never anything weird said or done or anything.

Ha, guess he spoke too soon!

Not long after that we were getting ready to leave our booth when I heard the guy behind us tell Derek our server that he wanted to file a complaint. so I told James to hold up a sec because I wanted to hear what the complaint was.

I couldn’t believe my ears. This is what was said…

Excuse me sir, I’d like to make a complaint. The um, service was good, but I um, shouldn’t have to pay for my coffee. It’s all I had. Other restaurants give you free coffee.

Yes, you read that right. This customer complained about paying for coffee. He figured he was suppose to get it for free!

So Derek was like…um, what? You are trying to tell me you should get your coffee for free because it’s all you had? Just because you joined your friends and sat down for coffee we should give that to you for free, that’s what I’m hearing?

Yes, says the customer. I mean other places give you free coffee so….

Derek says, So I just want to make sure I understand you can go to a Tim Hortons and sit down with your friends and expect a person to come over and hand you free coffee because that’s all you had?

Customer, no no, that’s not it. I’m um not explaining this right…

He then turns to his friends for help and surprise surprise they don’t say a thing, lol.

This went on like this for 5 mintues before I finally told James that we were going because I was finding it harder not to laugh at the nut case. I’m mean seriously dude, free coffee! I’d also like to know what restaurant gives out free coffee. That customer never did say.


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