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Dear doctors please help

Hello doctors.

I knows I is only 2 years old and you wasn’t expecting to hears from me, but I must tries.

My mommy is in lots of pain and cries all the time and can’ts breathes and tries so hard nots to be upsets around me, but I stills can tells. Why won’t you helps her? Why makes her hurts and cries all the time? Isn’t doctors pose to makes it alls better? My doctor is nice so should I tells my mommy to goes there? Would they be nicers to my mommy?

I has nightmares and it makes my mommy all sad because she feels bads cause I feels scared. Why are you hurts me too? What did I do to you’s?

We just wants brother Snowmans to come outs so that mommy won’t hurts and he’s won’t hurts and I has someone new to plays with. Can you please helps?


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  1. Joy Joy

    Hi, Jayden! This is Joy, an old friend of your daddy’s. We are here praying for your mommy and little Snowman to be okay. One thing you can do to help mommy is to give her hugs and kisses, especially when mommy is feeling sad. Tell mommy she’s got people fighting for her and snowman by talking to angels up above, asking them for healing blessings. Guess, what! You can help too, before you go to bed at night, or any time during the day. Think of little angels with wings listening to you as you ask them to help mommy feel better. Tell them how much you love your mommy, and are sad that she’s hurting so much. Tell them you want her and your baby brother to be okay. I think they’ll listen to you too. We love all of you, and are praying for Snowman to come out okay, and mommy to stop hurting. God bless you all.

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