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Winter courses at Algonquin

Well, for my last term at Algonquin College my schedule is pretty good. Had to fix things here and there, but it is to my liking now.

Two of my instructors I know from before when I started in the General Arts and Science Community Studies program so that’s good too. However, I am not looking forward to the communications course, but then again I also didn’t have the best experience last time either so who knows this time may be different.

Also, much to my dismay I have 2 classes in B building, *screams* That building is absolutely horrible. Maybe I’ll get lucky and the rooms will change to all be in P or J or anywhere else but B? Well, won’t hold my breath for that one, but I’ll keep dreaming anyway.

My courses are

Child Development on Monday afternoon and Friday mornings. That should be fun and Sandy I’ve had before so I should actually learn something.
Ethics on Monday afternoons right after Child Development. I’ll let you know about that one. Never had the instructor before so no comments there yet.
Communications II on Thursday mornings, *grumbels* we’ll just skip over that one, lol.
Addictions on Friday afternoons, pornstars I hear in my near future before class and maybe even after?

Details about classes as they happen. First report on January 6, 2014.


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